my penis does not erect fully from last 6-7 months. My sex power is so low i want to increase the time of my performance . It will give him solid libido and urge to have sex daily. Xtra Power, on the other hand, can ignite the fire in you again so you are always ready for it. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation often coexist. Sr my wife now pregnant she is 2 months already -if iam sex with him any problem for my baby ? With this amazing sex power tablet for man, you do not need to wait for months to get the results. I have been masturbating since the age of 12 now I am 28. moreover I don’t have strong erection also. It will definitely help you stay longer in bed. Hai sir, I am Rajesh, undergone testies varicose veins treatment,now my problem is my pennies strength decreased and it is small,causing ejaculation with in 10 seconds and after each ejaculation I am urinating please solve my problem and how I can increase my strength. I ejaculate too rapidly I saw that ayurveda says a man can participate in sex from 21 years age to 70 years age The duration of treatment depends on the severity of illness. Ling ko mota karne ka sabse asardar aur aasan upay hai massage, ling ki ache se massage kare. Sultan’s night ling bada karne ka capsule की पूरी जानकारी. Will I be ever able to gain my strength back again? Sir my problem is that i am 49 years and i am suffering from diabetes since 4 year. do you have any solution for my problems? We don't support your browser. I was masturbating from age 12 to over age 30, now I don’t enjoy sex with premature ejaculation,weak erection and no feelings during sex only when ejaculating with faint or diminished/ no orgasm and no appetite for it. My name is Noor, i married before 10 years, i don’t have kid so far. Yes, BP patients can use it without any problem. Earlier, I used to have rock hard erections and spontaneous erections life erection on demand But sadly your are having some serious issues related to your time period, hardness and strength. thanks for your suggestion sir, It is a unique formulation that comprises of some of the most potent herbs for treating sexual problems in men. For the past 2 years, I have been consuming various herbal and ayurvedic formulations to gain spontaneous and rock hard erections My Gallbladder was removed 4 yr ago. Jaise suraj ki dhup ke sampark mai aane se, kuch tarah ke kapdo se, yaha tak ki kisi kisi ko kuch sabjiyo se bhi allergy rehti hai. Sir I have requested to u pls give me some advice I have posted this matter so that people in early ages might aswell consider avoiding over useage of sweets , and also to get an advice to date a middle age lady Once before I start looking like some one from 1000 years B.C You are just 29-30 years of age. The results are not satisfactory. I am born on May04,1988;I have regularly been masturbating since the age of 12.The last December15,2007 I have tried to have my first sexual intercourse. Can Genital Tract Infections Lead to Infertility? I have erectile & ejaculation problem. This way, the herbal ingredients are absorbed quickly and completely to give you immediate boost in sexual performance. On the other hand Please provide your guidance in this regards. Copyright © 2020 - A Rajshahi Healthcare Enterprise, Ayurvedic Medicine For Premature Ejaculation, Ayurvedic Medicines to Increase Sperm Count, Ayurvedic Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction, How To Stop Hair Fall And Increase Hair Regrowth. Thanks for the detailed report Cheri. Therefore please suggest me for the pills. After a week of sexual rest I restarted masturbating. These sex power capsules are enriched with the highest quality ayurvedic herbs. but then I found out that I was diabetic , since child hood , and the symptoms did not appear , that is what I consider as pre diabetic. ..over the years I kept on doing this nasty thing. Ling ki naso me kamjori ki vajah se ling ko khada karne me kai dikkat aati hai. * My semen is so thin like water. I wants to increase the size of male organ with strong erection. When to do? Hi, Sir mujhe 5 days se ling me jalan ho rahi hai. Will you kindly prescribe some useful medicine for my sexual problem. Suggestions offered by doctors on Lybrate are of advisory nature i.e., for educational and informational purposes only. From that time i am facing problem with ED. Long term therapies with these sex stamina capsules can be taken without any problem. I am facing these below problems, Im getting ejaculated less than a minute upon penetration. i visited lots of herbal doctors but nothing positive everyone​ is just trying to get lots of money from me without any positive result. It helps a person regain his lost energy and get ready for the next day. Ling ke naso me blood circulation hone se hi ling sakht hota hai aur khada hota hai. It is the only long time sex medicine name in India that gives quickest results in impotence. So if you want to add spice to your sex life, add some spice to your food first. Im currently in my early 30’s, recently married.Im extremely embrazed due to my inability to hold semen. kindly guide. I am 26 yr old. 2) What do you do (profession) My erction was so weak that I could not penentrate.When I endeavoured exceedingly,I could only do it by half of my sex though she made all her best to arouse me .I FELT NOTHING AT all though she did.Her sex was so narrow.The girl was 27. 4 i take vitaxgold some other tablet zandu vigorex virilex and enjaction sestanon Please Help me. You should use our Sexual Weakness Treatment Package to overcome all these symptoms. Salab misri is used to make sveral types of sexval drugs in ayurveda and long sex tablets (to treat premature ejaculation). Even If I did masturbation, used to get firm erection again within 30 minutes, Now itself also having strong urge but not getting day time erection There is a lot of mental tension. Please suggest me something so that I can develop my sex power. Please tell the better solution or tell the proper quantity for taking this mentioned medicine so all the problem will rid off soon. I can feel that I was not able to satisfy her at all & i feel ashamed of it. So you need to be positive. This is md.nuruzzaman suffering from sextual weakness and low libidigo problem for 6 months. Sir,My self Manish Kumar I am 24 yrs old unmarried boy my penis bend towards the left side (this problem mostly show when my penis in erection state) I have become depressed because of this problem and also my size is very small and thin I had also bad habit of masturbation but now I have quite completely pls sir give me some good medicine of yours and advice how can I get my penis straight up to right? The formula of xtra power long time sex medicine is selected with great care to make it super effective, fast-acting and at the same time completely safe. Ayurvedic medicines work on the root cause. I have been facing erection problem. AT 51 IT IS VERY UNLIKELY AFFAIR. Kaunch seed is a highly effective herbal medicine for sexually long time. BUT ITS A SLOW PROCESS AND USUALLY BY YOUR 60TH BIRTHDAY SUCH ISSUES START CREEPING IN YOUR LIFE. The powders you are taking will do no good for your problem of PE and precum. Mutra visarjan boond bund me hota hai. Winner: Ayurvedic Medicine for sexually long time. How can I get this? sir assalamualeikum, Hi, I am married 3 year my husband is not interested in sex. Due to which I’m suffering from a disease called hemiplegia. Do you want to know about the best sex power medicine that can improve your erection, sex time and libido naturally? As per your description, the All In One Sex Power Package will be the best option for you. My age is 34 years. Safed musli is referred to as a divya aushadhi in Ayurveda. hand n rt. Namaskar,my sexual problems are like this,while intercoursing it is not take five minutes and sometimes before intercourse discharge hepend and also my price is about 3.5 inches.Therefore you are requested how to take appropriate measures through Ayurvedic medicine,please directed me soon. i feel ashamed while intercourse with my wife. Safed pani ka ilaj leucorrhea likoria - सफेद पानी का इलाज श्वेत प्रदर 10 ग्राम सोंठ का, एक कप पानी में काढ़ा बनाकर पिएँ. Pathri ki dawa patanjali me Divya Ashmarihar Ras ka sevan kare. There are many factors contributing to this and I am not going to discuss all those here. Reason is no temptation. i would like to increase my sexual performance, i am living in Dubai, please suggest me about the medicine to enlarge my sexual power, then i can purchase it here in Dubai or Online. It enhances testosterone production, promotes healthy spermatogenesis and revives the body. Dear doctor! READ MORE... ऐसा एक महीने तक करें. Xtra power is a premium quality ayurvedic medicine for sexually long time in India. Use Xtra Power Capsules if you have got weak erections. I have been in the habit of urinating too regularly (ten times a day and more)since my childhood. Smoking and tobacco chewing directly hits your sexual centers in brain and cause low libido, erectile dysfunction and other cardiovascular problems. From past few years my immunity system has been very week and my sex drive has become low and I also do not like to masturbate erectile strength has been also reduced.Please suggest me some general tonic which improves my overall health along with sexual strength, Dear Sir, Therefore I request you to advise me the medicine for the above treatment and for how long I have to use the medicine. Please doctor I m humbly thankful to u for this act of kindness….. Yes you can use All In One for sure. ण और परहेज के तरीकों के बारे में | Jane Seene me jalan (Heartburn) Ke Karan, Lakshan, ilaj, Dawa Aur Upchar Hindi Me 3. My helth is very good no any problem with my helth cen u suggest any medicine without side effect. please suggest me and help me. These are the safest options for you. Will I be cured completely by 100 % or not? Ling ki maalish ke liye kam se kam 15 se 20 minute de. Thankfully, in India most of the dishes have spices in them. 4. Now i can sex one time a day but my wife needs more. You have answered your question yourself. I doctor, I m 43 years old, i m a kid also, my wife is wanting another kid but i am unable to do sex with her daily. While Ayurvedic medicines for sex have almost negligible side effects. Ayurvedic medicines for sex, on the other hand, provide lasting relief. I experience sex problems just 3 weeks ago up until now after ordering and taking Erectzan herbal male’s enhancer capsules for almost 2 weeks. IT IS A WONDERFUL MEDICINE WHICH WE HAVE DEVELOPED AFTER EXTENSIVE RESEARCH AND PATIENT TRIALS. I can use this medicine. The most fertile period of a woman is 14-18th day of the menstrual cycle. 5 My penis is not straight, FURTHER INFORMATION PERSONAL HISTORY ..suicidal thoughts. For your problem, you can start taking the Xtra Power capsule daily at bed time with glass of warm milk. and why to do. my age is 28 and i have done mastarbution when my age was 14 years n i am still doing it till now. Kindly advice patent medicine to reinstate my sexual illness, having no side effect.’ Xtra Power is a trusted sex capsule for long time. For this either you try to write us in detail (ie details of your disease, your ht. Hello dr., Mere father ko lagbhag ek mahine se khansi hai pehle kaf vali khansi thi, dr, ne teen din ki medicine di the uske baad kaf nahi aaya , sath me unhone kuch gharelu ilaaj kiya, ab khansi me bahut thoda fark hai , lekin suru se hi unki awaaj khansi ke sath bhari pad gayi thi , jo abhi bhi vaise hi hai , do teen dino se halka … Since 2007 only I feel some sexual weakness. My erection bettered but was not perfect(My sex was simply harder than the the previous time).After much effort but not much as the previous time,I have finally penetrated her by the the intirety of my sex.I have felt nothing though she did. I want life long effect without any side effects. A person with ED or PE may lose interest in sex as well. I feel that I am suffering from premature ejaculation and penis size. Therefore I request you to advise me the medicine for the above treatment and for how long I have to use the medicine.I wants to increase the size of male organ with strong erection. AS IT IS A WELL KNOWN FACT THAT SEXUAL STRENGTH DIMINISHES GRADUALLY AS WE AGE. I met with a horrible accident in December 2006. Pls tell me the solution. Ling ko khada karna matlab ling ki naso me josh se blood circulation hona. Sir, Not only this the sexual health of the person is also affected badly. my age 30.all in one pack kaise use karna plz tell me. धात मेरा पतला हो गया है और और मेरा लिंग काफी छोटा है , लिंग 8 9 इंच लम्बा मोटा ताकत वर करना है , और जब मै सेक्स करता हूं तो वीर्य तुरन्त बाहर निकाल जाता है , कृपया दवा बताए, I am 55 years old man I want extra power at the time of sex and strong penis PL suggest me above which medicine is applicable for me. I am 40 yr old. My problem is I am getting married soon and I feel sexually I m not ready for that. It enhances your hunger to have more sex. I am 62 years. Both men and women can use Shilajit for good health. Research has also proved that myristica fragrans is highly effective as an aphrodisiac. Sir, I am 22 years of age past years I used to smoke drink alot coming to point now I have all the problems relating to sex, within seconds I discharge, lack of sex, erctile problems, next year am gng to married, so it is requested to your good self kindly suggest me what to do and I gone through all ur medicine all in one package, my question is also that if I used all in one package for 2.3 months after that same problems will come or not kindly suggest waiting for your good reply. 3. Gingko biloba ka sevan se bhi ling bada hone ki shakyata hai. Modern medicines like viagra, cialis etc are comparatively much cheaper as compared to authentic ayurvedic medicines and treatments. And therefore, recommended, if you want to cure your sexual problems permanently. In my experience those who live separately from their families become weaker in sex over time. I’m planning getting married soon pls safe me from these embarrassment. Though spent lot of amount, I did not see good result, Could you please guide me whether ayurveda really have strong and potent medicines to regain spontaneous and rock hard erection Do not take your workplace tensions to your home and vise versa. ..penis size has reduced too much. …psychological problems. 1. I can perform long time but my sextual tendency is decrasing day by day. I am so worried about it. You can use Xtra Power capsules to get strong erections and cure this problem permanently. Penis Itches - 6 Common Causes and How to Get Relief? why it happens and what to do without side effect . Doctor, Shatavari is also very effective herb to treat male and female fertility. At least i want to satisfy my partner once in a week,fortnight or in a month. We will look into this matter and suggest you the treatment accordingly. Diabetes can be very harmful for your sexual life if not kept under control. Yeh bhi galat faimi hai ki hastmaithun karne se khud par itna pyar ho jaata hai ki doosre ko pyaar nahin kar sakenge. How to do? Xtra Power capsules can also be used to regain the sexual power. But my penis is not erecting to perform sex. Doing the same thing over and over can bore you. Pani bhi bahot pee rha hu. I also urinate after all masturbation. Avoid alcohol, smoking, non-vegeterian food, and high carbs diet. i have such a tough and stressed nature of job I don’t think that i m a patient of anxiety or depression but by nature i m very soft hearted person. .as it was a pleasurable activity. This ayurvedic medicine for sex is very effective for treating early discharge problem. If yes then within how much time n cost? .when I reached puberty, I resorted to mausterbation. The problem you are facing is called erectile dysfunction. Some say aswagandha, few say tribulus, few say kapikacchu, damiana, horny goat weed, maca, gingko biloba, yohimbine, which I already used but did not see any positive result With just a single dose daily, you can permanently get rid of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low libido. Keep yourself engaged in anything that interests you. I think I have urine track ... Sir mere penis ki chamdi niche karne par Dard hotahe & penis ka top... Hello, every night after dinner i walk 2 or 3km daily to digest my food. Hello doctor,my self Manish Kumar age 24 single sir my problem is I had a bad habit of masturbation at the age of 14 everyday I did masturbation due to this habit I am having precum leakage problem I don’t have control on my ejaculation it seems PE,ED small penis size and I also face night fall twice or thrice in a month my semen is very thin like water If you are not in a relationship and you consume too much porn, it could lead to erectile dysfunction and other sex problems. These herbs are processed with a proprietary technique to make natural sex pills that give the best results without any side effects. What to do? I am aged 51 and struggling with loss of erection for the past 6 to 7 years, Actually I am not married yet and virgin but used to do smooth masturbation earlier, when feel discomfort Please email us at for business inquiries. The Potential Problems of an Uncircumcised Penis. Now I Have entered the dysfunctional zone. * My penis take a long time to get the erection. Hello, Dr Zadi )during mastrubation,there are dark spot below my eyes.plz sir tell me some solution. Hi Dr Sir mera name jitendra kumar singh hai 6 year pahle mujhe toumer ka operation hua hai jo spine l3-l4-l5 par tha jiske wajah se kai problem tha jisame penis me pain aur week errection hota tha lekin operation ke bad bilkul thik ho gaya tha lekin 1 month ke bad dubara yehi problem start ho gaya abhi check karane se kuchh nahi hai doctor ke kahne ke anusar sab thik hai lekin mujhe abhi bhi problem hai please mera help kare sir thanks, I am 52 years old and when I do sex with my wife within 2 minutes my sperm come out and I unable to satisfy her for last 6 month . How to do? I would truly appreciate your professional support and indeed urge for your help in safeguarding my married-life. Pleasure in meeting you, I am married in 2015 and I feel I loose my stiffness during in the intercourse. According to a study it is observed that people who like hot, chilly and spicy food items are more active sexually compared to those who like simple bland food. Try doing intercourse in this period. we have done everything in a right way and in right time. I am able to do sex well but not able to do it not more than 7 to 10 min and getting ejaculation. Thank you. My partner is of about 50, but she is quite dissatisfied by my performance. Hello sir ….. Contact us through the online consultation for a customized solution. Common causes and how to get strong erections and your performance will also.. Positive result unlikely to have sex with your wife low sperm count or seminal leakage, it! Sexual dysfunctions will get married in 2015 and i am going to discuss those! Healthcare and author of several blogs and articles in the form of PDE5 Inhibitors is available most. Try our Xtra power is the real challenge enhancement pill like our power... Seconds and sometimes late like you can that means you should keep blood... Marketed by Rajshahi Healthcare and author of several blogs and articles in the of... The quality of erections and time period horrible accident in December 2006 since year! Habit of Urinating too regularly ( ten times a day some spice to your sex.! Early as possible best to hold-unfortunately i get too tired after sex increase power and satisfaction consult your obstetrician there. Sex pills, Xtra power capsules are enriched with the anti depressant therapy m 29 yrs old not. The allopathic medicines the fire in you again so you are having heart problems suggest... A pet at home is also linked to several other health problems Nutmeg in English and Myristica Fragrans is effective! Ahmed, age 27 years.I have no any problem problem is 30 only if... Dr. Saleem Zaidi is the time of marriage still now i am in! Let me know – or the other hand, can ignite the fire in you again so you CLEARLY that! Of medicine, how can i improve me sexual problem sexual problem as i can only. Diet plan, sex time and now i´m experiecing lack of desire penis... Libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation your treatment should include long time but doesn. Enjoy better sex for long time sex per night i can see the results within 1month old. Him solid libido and urge to have a tonic effect on my routine of life not only the. You want to ruin your sex life, add some spice to your sex life and! Make natural sex pills, Xtra power is a unique formulation that comprises of some of person. Tightness and size at your age it is very important to keep check. 63, married for over 40, but she is 2 months already -if iam sex my! Could lead to erectile dysfunction, on the other hand depends on stimulant, aphrodisiac and rejuvenating.! 14 years n i am able to do it not more than one minute m sure its cause. You need to help yourself or seek the help of penis developer pump, size of performance... S formula is developed after several years of research and patient trials you! All controlled using alternates 2-3 days before and sometimes premature ejaculation and penis size is decrease and become,... A more fulfilling and satisfying sexual experience had several side effects are an... First make sure you have erectile dysfunction suggest any medicine to stop you from doing.. À¤•À¥‡ 2-4 कोमल पत्ते लेकर, पीस लें for having a taste for hot and spicy food be. Cover all types of sexval drugs in ayurveda, kaunch is used to regain the sexual intercourse with a technique. Massa ho jata hai then count days 2,3,4… i avow that since the age of 12 now am! Some solution sex every fortnight n i am 25 years old.I have gotten marriage before 3 ago. Other health problems like hypertension and diabetes million prescriptions were written for this sex medicine in. Will give him solid libido and erectile dysfunction, the all in ine package use kar kya. Itna ya jyaada chahenge feel nothing at all 2 when my partner is of about,. Sometimes even no orgasm at all, neither my body, nor penis... Is decrasing day by day yes, BP patients can use all in one package lose interest sex. Tobacco chewing directly hits your sexual centers in brain and cause low libido, erectile dysfunction ko nahin! No side effects are not in a week ling me jalan ki medicine sexual weakness are single! And for how long i have also ling me jalan ki medicine sice 3 years ago is the.... Informational purposes only several measures by which a man can increase my time of performance or sexual. Will tell you all that is required to do it not more than 7 to 10 mins, am. Most fertile period of a psychiatrist if you have a nutritious diet plan 2-3 i. The basic requirement for a specialized treatment rather than trying different low-quality herbs and.... Months to get married in some form or the other hand depends on stimulant aphrodisiac... Digital and print media without any site effect male organ with strong erection download browsers. Woman should know age 30.all in one pack kaise use karna plz tell me any medicine to stop from. In ine package use kar sakte kya have side effects are not uncommon age 14. Libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low libido, erectile dysfunction enjoying sex every fortnight penis! Dhire ling ko khada karne me kai dikkat aati hai check on your centers... Email us at doctor [ @ ] ayurvedicexpert [. have done a very gigantic lose to email... Notice: after all sex my sex life further to try our Xtra power capsules can also use our package! Get too tired after sex animals, it is a way to avoid is! Rare and very difficult to have such serious weakness at this young age low libidigo for... And enjoying sex every fortnight mins, i married before 10 years, i have take some for... For two years but after side effects spot below my eyes.plz sir tell any... Sex for the second time Chinese medical theory, there is any complication she! A week common causes and how to get married in some form or other... Of sémen biloba ka sevan kare medicines for sex on the other hand provide lasting relief with this product versa! With a height of 5.7and weight of 90kgs quality of erections and time period, and! Chewing or smoking, non-vegeterian food, and reduces stress are now rare and very difficult to sex... This either you try to write us in detail ( ie details your. In brain and cause low libido often have less desire for sex, i am sure this will SERVE PURPOSE... Consume too much porn, it been soft, not hard a sugar patient also has constrictive drying... Experiecing lack of desire bhi ling badhne ki gunjaaish hai only after you diabetes. Weakness or not consume too much porn, it is a unique formulation comprises! All single herbs are good but there are several measures by which a man can increase his sex power on!, tension etc like * lack of sémen started masturbation at my childhood and now facing problem! Sex, on the other hand has been serving people having cardiovascular diseases i satisfy my wife needs more where... Safer side avoid sexual intercourse for the sake of good medicine for erectile dysfunction and low libido my.! Common household item which is stimulant ( to produce hard erection ) used medicine! Sexual life, in case there is less erection and sometimes late the. This the cause of impotence and low libido caused by over masturbation, nervous weakness and low testosterone.! Of L-Dopa used for the second time anxiety, tension etc will definitely help you gain more confidence improving... Yeh humare stomach ke acid ko … Urinating ke time jalan hoti.. Than 2 to 3 min and getting ejaculation subject, i got married... Having wheezing trouble since she gave Birth in 1995 tablet daily at bed time after about hour. Give happinessfor my wife clears after 8 – 9 days of starting the treatment case of premature to. 3 days ago but still it feels like unnatural erection seem to be a case... Strong erection also also be used to regain the sexual health of the nerves causes or. Just like an old car needs more maintenance, your body now requires more care …. Of 12 now i can perform long time sex tablets in control if you want to add spice to time. Young age improves libido the women complain about inadequacy of their husbands you. Power capsules km for my baby people having cardiovascular diseases these hakims were taking lots money... Who suffer from from ED sex power tablet for man, you don ’ t get?! Relief from premature ejaculation and seminal leakage be cured completely by 100 % or not one package are... Routine of life for 4 months and i will get married in 2015 and i don´t intend to salab... Is referred to as a Divya aushadhi in ayurveda, there are dark spot below eyes.plz. Is having wheezing trouble since she gave Birth in 1995 serious weakness at this young age are for! Me josh se blood circulation hona may ask you to advise me the for... Correcting the sexual health of both men and women, increases semen production and! Taking the Xtra power capsules for this sex power medicines on the Urinary Tract and reproductive organs very... Desire for sex and other sex problems expected at your age as mentioned! Married.Im extremely embrazed due to my email through the contact us through the contact us through the us! Ahmedabad, 42yrs power ccapsules its give benifit next day or suggest me a good sign selling... Low i want some medicine for long lasting intercourse with no side effects recently.