For the .22" and .25" caliber air rifles I have found that the overall the JSB line of EXACT pellets tend to work rather well. Text JOIN to 91256 and get $10 Off Your Next $50+ Order. Air rifle hunting can be an effective, humane method of pest control. It is required to shooting sport so each family member also enjoys our game. Hunting: Hunting air rifles are typically .22 caliber and larger (.25, .30, .35, .45 and .50). The time needed to reload, as well as the reloading sound level, are important in the selection of an air rifle for small game hunting. Air guns fill many niches, and the market has something for everyone. The best air rifle for hunting will often depend on the level of sound, difficulty and … When selecting a hunting air gun or pellet rifle, look for high velocity (at least 700 FPS in a .22 cal, or 950 FPS in a .177 cal) and be sure to select a pellet gun … This article addresses only the four smallbore airgun calibers of .177, .20, .22 and .25; and they're all effective for hunting as long as the accuracy and power requirements are met. Airgun safety is no accident. Real Air Gun Hunting is the most exciting, the most real, and the most duplicatable airgun hunting videos ever created. And those that wish to seek medium game with an air rifle, there are now models capable of firing .25 caliber and 9 … Air rifle hunting is where the reloading mechanism becomes so very important. *Must be 18 years old. Welcome to AirArmsHuntingSA, a Channel dedicated to providing educational & informative gear reviews, tutorials & hunting adventures. If you’ll mainly be using your air rifle for pest control or hunting small game, then you’ll probably want .20 or .22 caliber. Most of my air rifles over the years have shot these sub- 1/2MOA, my two most accurate … Air Rifle Hunting. Of course, you need to be dead accurate while hunting deer. 8. Target shooting: The Watch and share in the fruits of air rifle hunting. Using air guns, hunting varmints can be accomplished without resorting to the use of traditional firearms. So these are diffidently chosen the best big bore air rifles. AirForce Condor SS PCP – best pcp air rifle for deer. What about calibers? Talk of accuracy, and I’ll point you to the Condor SS PCP air rifle by Airforce. The best air rifle for small game is going to be a .22 caliber air rifle, the pellet will be large enough to kill, and it won't be traveling so fast to the point where it just passes through the animal as a .177 pellet rifle would. They are similar but do cover various aspects from pest control to actual hunting. … It is a more versatile product and most useful in pest problems. Expert measurements rate it at 1” at 50 yards. A hunting air rifle has its advantages over a traditional firearm which uses gun powder. Read more on hunting with airguns and this article by Tom Gaylord on air rifle hunting. T he latest generation is very crazy about hunting, target practices and gets rid of pests. A non-accurate air rifle will cost you lots of shots, as well as … Message Frequency Varies, Text HELP for Help, STOP to Opt-Out. Since air pistols are much harder to hold than air rifles, the accuracy requirement is just as limiting as the one for power. You must be 18 years or older to buy any air gun or air rifle in our store. Air rifles are even more finicky to which pellet it will shoot accurately then powered burners are with bullets. Some use air rifles to hunt without running afoul of local discharge ordinances. Click here to read about proper airgun and airsoft gun safety measures.