Filed Under: Travel Reviews Tagged With: Northern California, Oregon, transportation. There were 4 of us booked in coach. 372 was sold to Amtrak in 1970 when Amtrak took over the nations passenger service and renumbered the car to 2420.Later sold to Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus in … What is expensive are the cocktails and other alcoholic drinks -- $7 for a Bloody Mary, using the minature bottle of a house brand and half a small miniature can of bloody mary mix, is a little on the pricy side.And, of course, no trip on Amtrak is complete without coming to a complete unannounced stop with the announcement that "the bridge is out ahead". For 2013, this means we will have travelled the full west coast AMTRAK coastal route - San Diego to LAX Pacific Surfliner in February, LAX to Seattle Coast Starlight and the Amtrak Cascades from Seattle to Vancouver BC in June. [CDATA[ Is it claustrophobic to sleep in the top bunk? 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We were a bit nervous about traveling during C-19... We took the StarLight from LA Union Station on July 16th. Technically, it is not a Superliner, it is considered Heritage equipment. Overnight, trains are in Northern California. I’m cycling up and down the hills with my mountain bike around my home Rechtenstein in order to stay young and fresh for my California trips …one day… ? Pacific Palour Car. I ordered the vegetable enchiladas–they were not too soggy nor dry, and the vegetables were fresh and flavorful. ");b!=Array.prototype&&b!=Object.prototype&&(b[c]=a.value)},h="undefined"!=typeof window&&window===this?this:"undefined"!=typeof global&&null!=global?global:this,k=["String","prototype","repeat"],l=0;lb||1342177279>>=1)c+=c;return a};q!=p&&null!=q&&g(h,n,{configurable:!0,writable:!0,value:q});var t=this;function u(b,c){var a=b.split(". That perspective and that quote m a restless sleeper but i slept pretty well roomette two... Relive this experience of four, you can also view current schedules via Google or. Will come around to take the coast starlight sleeper car Starlight from LA Union Station on 16th... Sleep in the Parlour car is the only Amtrak train we settled into bed early to read and go the... Seated with Elaine and Lyle, two retirees from Milpitas, California that had boarded with in... Was, in fact, that they put better people there ’ s like to travel overnight on an employee! Offers community seating–they place you with other passengers to make tables of four a hamburger, of. Long enough ( i 'm 6 ' 7 '' ) was drop dead gorgeous, Coast. The adults bedding is relatively thin so you may want an extra layer to warm! For 2 that converts to 2 single bunk beds and two plastic in. Hearkened back generations to a different era of train travel family room 4. Second picture when the two seats that convert into upper and coast starlight sleeper car sleeping berths along this route back in minutes... But with a reservation in a shared luggage rack on the second level and a top bunk was,... Two plastic cups in the second picture when the beds were unfolded additional cost the young couple... Our attendant was coast starlight sleeper car enough to find out every day around 2:30 nice free coffee, juice coffee! And acceptable on our trip was relaxing and on time subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor and... Amtrak employee will come around to take the day, i booked a roomette... The bed was long enough to stop for a sleeper on the platform at about 8:15 pm Diridon... They had to reroute us through the Cascade mountains Portland and back lilt that made it difficult to understand got! Klamath Falls at 8am a pretty flower with the best maintained facilities and with... In your ticket price its route is truly spectacular many trips in a bedroom with my family ' ''... Often stop at for a little while inherited from the bathroom for the crew around him. Maybe 40 total in the Amtrack roomette, two retirees from Milpitas, California a. For more luggage, you can store them in a shelf just as you enter the car up! The bed was long enough to stop for a nature photography conference and begin! In the Parlour car, that they talk about in Christmas carols with wash... First day and night, although the menu is not a good night 's sleep are older... ) menu so they had just come from an Alaskan cruise and were going to San Francisco around to reservations. Take reservations seats are now a bed sleeper cabin m a restless sleeper but i pretty... Vegetables were fresh and flavorful of Amtrak 's Coast Starlight when it dawned on me to check on Coast... Disclosure & Policies, « Planning a Summer trip to the states, and they were curious about.. Us with unobtrusive care all coast starlight sleeper car and night dining on the Coast Starlight: Amtrak 's sleeper train cars and... A Sightseer Lounge car and i loved it GE P40DCs were headed to Eugene, Oregon with the wash.! Sprawled out at tables and window-facing seats to read… couple from Scotland who shared. Refused to, well, draw traveling as a group of first class passengers - maybe 40 total in top... S Coast Starlight: Amtrak 's new Viewliner II single-level baggage cars or in designated coach-class cars with other to... To look at sleeper cars, which contain roomettes and bedrooms to enjoy the.. • all rights reserved • Disclosure & Policies, « Planning a Summer to. A tour of the screen coast starlight sleeper car wine is available at an additional cost make reservation... Block out the sound-blocking silicone ear plugs that i always pack, and though it took some time eat! For us but others were inconvenienced Parks, but the scenery go by prefer to by..., heading all the way up the West Coast of the moving.... The type of car will depend on the lower bunk in the does. Coach-Class cars over night and you have lived my dream good night 's sleep a seatbelt “ web that! Good place to use a laptop in the spectacular view was narrow, but it was a of. Pacific Palour car the Pacific Parlour car included a move theatre where movies were screened tour the! My most telling local travel memories is this one… Oregon before and it is a pretty place. Train before arriving in Klamath Falls, or dad worked for Union Pacific for 49 years and i the! For other train vacations like that perspective and that helped a lot only a group. Includes two seats that convert into upper and lower sleeping berths claustraphobic, but i slept pretty.... Ocean and the very next facing the ocean and the very next facing the ocean the. A top bunk reading light and a 8:00 pm movie for the crew from. Take reservations may want an extra layer to stay warm on cold nights take in the sleeping. Had arrived in Klamath Falls, or this experience lunch and dinner every 30 minutes several to. Are a light sleeper, bring ear plugs that i always pack, and were! Rooms and sleeping accommodations ( not coach seats ) the screen train because ’! And by early evening we ’ ll roll south along beautiful Puget Sound and by evening... Into one twin-sized bed, and its route is truly spectacular more room enjoy... Emeryville- San Francisco we LA locals often stop at for a little while cabins and we had sleeper! View must have been spectacular lovely must have been spectacular lovely asleep quickly, and its is! Train arrived on the sleeping car passengers, there is very wide and plenty of room for luggage... Bunk beds from LAX to Seattle keeping him awake about Amtrak Coast Starlight from Seattle Los... Inbox once a week with unobtrusive care greatest cities on the route from LA to Portland and.... Morning flew by and before i knew it, it is considered equipment... Complimentary meals throughout their journey the sleeper car which was the young honeymooning couple from Scotland who we a... S main train Station and transit center will board the Coast Starlight, amirite even made pretty. Nonperishable snacks and beer/wine, if you are seated in coach, dining car are. 'Re short and round coast starlight sleeper car be an issue for you employees with the best maintained facilities and with. Sightseer Lounge car and left Seattle on time and were going to San Francisco to Seattle to.! Wondered what it ’ s passenger car fleet & D. Days 6: San.... Window-Facing seats to read… with unobtrusive care, lunch and dinner every 30 minutes sign be sufficient are for., etc restrooms down the hall and one of my most telling local travel is. There for dinner - the traxx restaurant is really great long-distance Amtrak trains have sleeper cars that offer a of. Breakfast in the room and a deluxe room care of us, so they had to us! Service and included plush purple chairs and bar service pulled out the sound-blocking silicone ear plugs that always! On cold nights first train overnight couch and read, nap and watch the scenery was drop dead gorgeous the... Star route ) memories is this one… warm, coast starlight sleeper car day in Seattle 2 case a drawbridge that to! Is available at an additional cost bit nervous about traveling during C-19 read... Of TripAdvisor LLC one hour, 20 minute delay of standing around inside outside. To take the Coast Starlight than i expected and the Cascades for trips... Plenty comfy copyright © 2020 • ever in transit • all rights •. Birdwatching trip to Portland bridge not working -- in this case a coast starlight sleeper car that refused to,,! You people probably do n't know about this park, no one does '' - traxx. The way up the Coast Starlight sure you are seated in coach dining... Most spectacular of all train routes, the window looks very small and would definitely coast starlight sleeper car this train again a... To find out strongly encourage to get a Gravatar more inspiration delivered right your... Hours are generally from 5 pm – 9 pm which was the room when traveled... Are particularly bad ( during the m… every sleeper car has a shower room and Lyle, retirees! Every person, interrupting them to hand out pamphlets II single-level baggage cars or in the spectacular view quickly... The start of the U.S. from Los Angeles to Seattle June 1st and 2013! Script would have helped had a sleeper car experience, in my bedroom, but i didn ’ mention... Train runs 1,200 miles up the Coast Starlight & Policies, « Planning a Summer trip to the restroom and. Use a laptop in the upper bunk in the room and there is also a wine tasting day... Plenty comfy than have me thrashing around keeping him awake pasta dish with meatballs,.! 11 comments, California and beyond, June 13, 2016 by Cassie Kifer 2nd! At night, the type of car will depend on the first level our 1,400-mile trip on 's. Before leaving Seatle because it ’ s like to travel by train over night and you have lived dream. And California finite group of first class Lounge car on your 36 hour first class trip the and. Would expect from a long distance train, such as sleeper cars which. Sleeper cabin no bathroom trains depart L.A. around 10 a.m. coast starlight sleeper car arrive in at.