He'll summon four energy balls that circle him. You'll find a Save Block in the bottom-left, but there's also an item box (nut) above that you can reach by having Bowser gulp down some more water (which you should do anyway). Head right to the next area, then down to another. play stop . Walk-punch that bomb from the right to push it toward the left wall, where you can detonate it revealing a secret entrance. Now climb down the long staircase and head through the entranceway to the north to find Bowser. Just look out for it drilling in Bowser's body. See the small fire? Save at the Save Block there, before proceeding down the green pipe. box below. Face the rock and tap "X" to punch through it, allowing you to continue onward. Just take your time and only shoot one bro's cannon at a time (except for blue balls) to more easily avoid shooting the wrong balls. It … Remember, tap the jump-button of the corresponding brother as they touch down, and keep holding it down for a moment so they push the muscle down further. Try it out on the boulders to the left by punching while walking--Bowser will careen right through them! In the first phase, he has five attackable area: the two eyes, and his three legs. Back in the gateway, grab the four-piece star panel and then enter the bottom-right pipe. Ouch! Hit the item box along the right wall (Picnic Wear) before pounding the switch above, revealing a path just left of the Save Block. At the end, you'll find the final Attack Piece, earning you the Jump Helmet special attack. Oh look, it's your old pal, Fawful. During their next turn, Dark Star will toss the stunned minion a bomb. Saves & Codes; Store ... Do not use until Plack Beach. With the carrot digested, Wiggler offers a choice: Walk away to save your game, or obtain the Banzai Bill now. After saving, proceed north one more screen to meet with some fellow troops who happen to have a giant cannon…but no ammunition. Before crossing the bridge, you may want to head right to check out Bowser's Castle--pretty cool, huh? Try not to fire too frequently, otherwise Bowser's fire balls will shrink in size and inflict less damage, so aim carefully. The light from the boo-ray causes the barrier to vanish! Take them to the Arm Center! If you don't, not only will you take damage, but you'll be knocked toward the black hole. The Walkthrough have a rating 1 by 1 our users. After performing the attack, tap the button again just as Mario touches down on Bowser's noggin to perform a bonus, second attack. Hop into the red pipe to launch up to a high walkway. Thankfully, they're easy--well-timed hammer attacks can counter their only move. Anyway, while you want to work your way up to the top-left platform for the path to the next screen, explore the others for various blocks containing items (coins, tnt drumstick). When hit, it'll remove a path just left of Luigi; regroup with him and bounce off the now revealed surface to jump super-high, up to another blue Globin. If you miss, you'll lose coins, so be careful! The faster you find it, the more effective it is. They say when starting a business, location is important, so what were these toads were thinking?! After taking the top-left path, climb a ramp on the left side of the room for an item box (coins), then take the nearby northern path. The area's filled with water! Finally, the hill may charge right into you--quickly slide the stylus left to right rapidly to shove it back. At any rate, engage the Sniffle Thwomp in battle and use the vacuum move to obtain another Blitten. You'll find a switch-type thing embedded in the right wall--smack it with the hammer, releasing a yellow ball that'll embed itself into the ground. Finished up in town? Also, he'll sometimes dig right into the ground and spin around, dealing damage to Bowser above--there's nothing you can do, short of making sure Bowser has life to spare. You'll find the remaining nine in the rooms ahead, and they're also all marked on your map, which you can view by tapping "select." You'll soon encounter Princess Peach, who'll be whisked away by some baddies. More importantly, if you do this a second time with the remaining minion, it'll knock Dark Star to the ground, rendering him vulnerable for two turns. The first is where he'll grab hold of each brother and raise them to different heights, at which point he'll begin radiating energy out from his center. Once it stops, make it solid, then step onto it and bash Mario with Luigi's hammer to hit the far switch, exposing the whirlwind. There is one unique element to this battle: Whenever Midbus pulls off a sweet move, the audience will cheer him on and toss some food on the stage. After meeting with the toad in the Pipe Yard, hop down the purple pipe on the left, leading back to…Toad Town? Just beyond, you'll meet up with Broque Monsieur, once again. Tags: beach, bowser, inside, luigi, mario, nintendo, nintendo ds, plack, story: Download: Download - 1.49 KiB 175 downloads If you're fighting as the bros, jump on their heads, since hammering the bodies won't do any damage. However, after the final one, get ready to crouch to deflect his sumo attack--you can tell its coming when he leans back. Oh, look, more bob-ombs! Maneuver through them to a passage in the bottom-right--but make sure to grab the two item boxes (coins, super nut), one to the bottom left, the other in the top-right corner (use a spin jump to reach it). Now return to the surface and head right 7 pipes to the raised red one--enter it to find two item boxes (coins, supersyrup jar), then hop back through. Don't worry about it for now--continue north to the next screen, where you'll find a Save Block (punch it), as well as platform you can ride across the gulf. Once through the Star-Panel door, grab the item box on the left (super nut), then head right for another (supersyrup jar). It's almost weird to be controlling Bowser again, huh? Following the battle, bust open four boxes scattered around the room (coins, tnt drumstick, refreshing herb x3, max syrup jar) before continuing north to the next room, where you'll meet Dark Bowser. While you're in the area, now would be an excellent time to stop by Cavi Cape and collect all the beans. After he rambles on, he'll sick Rambus on you. Punch your way through the block-path and proceed down the grass ramp at the end, into the woods. Back in the gateway, grab the newly formed Star Panel and proceed down the bottom-left pipe. This one's a bit different though, as it causes a counter to appear on the screen. Finally, she'll occasionally shrink one of the bros and chase them around--wait for the brother to run a short distance away (but don't wait too long, otherwise he'll trip), then prepare your hammer counter-attack and release it once she gets really close. Following this, a second black hole will appear, though Bowser will use his mad skills to knock it behind the castle. Chase after her! Continue north to the next screen, where you'll meet up with a bunch of caged goombas. Repeat two or three more times to completely counter this move. Although he'll soon become invulnerable again, simply repeat the process to take him down for good. NOTE: Do not use until Plack Beach. Hit it to create an opening on the left. Try bouncing up into the area between the block-platform and the whirlwind to find some hidden blocks, forming a platform you can leap to. Drill beneath them and jump into them from below, causing both to hit a nerve, opening a path above. There's another Blue Globin here--engage him if you wish (you'll earn another tip and 100 coins if successful), then bounce up to the platforms, hit the item box (supersyrup jar), then proceed through the upper red pipe, on the right. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - Plack Beach (8-BIT) by Tater-Tot Tunes by PedroSonic34 published on 2019-01-06T23:29:54Z. At any rate, take Bowser to the top-right section of the area (punching through any rocks in your way) and punch one of the dropping marvels, causing it to fly into the large yellow button on the left. Proceed right to find a pipe, which a second Emoglobin will introduce you to. Since you haven't yet explored this area (or others nearby) as Mario and Luigi, you may want to take some time to do so for a ton of item boxes and hidden beans. Use Bowser's fire breath to take down both types (though you should focus on the dark gray ones first), just remember not to tap too quickly, lest Bowser will run out of steam. There he is, the first Sage! Head inside, save at the Save Block on the left, smash a couple of blocks (fiery drumsticks, supersyrup jar) down the two short path just above, then proceed into the auditorium via the door ahead (ignore the paths on either side for now). In the next area, bust open an item box along the northern wall (hot drumstick x3) before proceeding north along the adjacent path. With Bowser awakened, head right through a cave opening. 2019-07-10T18:15:49Z Comment by Jak Da DOG^{it is I who nuts to this. When the castle drops to 75% health, it'll unleash a laser that can be avoided, knocking you into the black hole behind you. It's easiest just to swing both hammers at once to counter. After three successful hits, Fawful's attack will end. It can hide inside one of the pipes attached to the statue and shoot itself at Bowser, who must counter the attack with a punch. Here's what you need to do: punch the goombas, one at a time, past the energy balls and into Fawful. However, the hill will then summon two types of clouds: dark gray ones that will attack you, and white ones which will rain in an attempt to put out the fire. Well, you can do it again, which allows Mario and Luigi to access the Flab Zone again, if need be, but there's no real need to. Finally, the tower may summon tiny workers to repair him--douse them in flames before they can fix the damage. 3) Above and to the left from #2. It's best to locate the corner pieces first and set them in place, followed by the bordering pieces (the ones with one straight side). there to open another path, before reentering the red pipe to the previous room. Inside the theater, search around for a sear--good luck finding one! Once at the ball, push it left, causing another creature to pummel through the grounds, revealing an entrance to the left. For instance, if you tap the attack button the moment you land on an enemy during the jump attack, Mario will perform a second bounce inflicting more damage. The Paratroopas will award you with 10 Toad Town Attack Pieces, netting you the Yoo Who Cannon attack. Basically, he has two forms, his usual yellow self, and his red, angry version. Look for another box in the bottom-left corner (coins), before exiting the room to the bottom-right. He'll also occasionally pull vegetables and shy guys from the ground and lob them your way. Enter the small passage on the right as tiny Mario and jump up the right side of the platforms to find an Attack Piece block. Show more Launch Bowser up the shaft--careful of the enemies on the side--to a pair of large piranha plants at the top. Once Durmite transforms, she gains three new moves (but loses the swinging one). Once you push him to the ledge, Bowser will get close, giving you a chance to pummel his chest with a rapid series of punches by tapping the touchscreen in the highlighted area. Get ready to counter-punch--we suggest performing the motion the moment the castle crosses from the right screen to the left screen. So here's the deal. Find all of them to open the door--the others are nearby. You've been here before--take the red pipe in the lower right corner (just past the blue Globin), save at the Save Block again, then continue down the green pipe in the back. This isn't so much useful right now, but it will be soon. Now look for a couple of boxes in the bottom-left corner (tnt drumstick x3, ultra syrup jar), then exit out the lower-right side. Instead, deactivate the light to cause a ghost-block to rise on the right. Continue to the right, hit the "!" Alright, back to the bros--take them to the Pipe Yard in the upper-left corner. More to come! Push it all the way back to launch super-high--after a short sequence, you'll regain control of Mario and Luigi--go to the Chest Station! you pay them and they say there are 3 hidden pieces in invisible blocks but i cannot find the one located in the center of the map. After emerging from the green pipe, use the Emoglobin Save Block, then continue through the corridor, bashing the item-block just before the next screen. After doing so, Bowser will be squished by a giant robot--to Rump Command! There you'll find another cannon you can hit, causing a mini-game to start, almost identical to the one you played before. When you reach the crack in the ground, ground pound it to drop inside. Thankfully, it just takes a mere jump (using your body slam move) to evade them. Now bounce up to the green pipe, in the top-left corner. You'll find more scattered around the world hidden within objects that can be busted open. Upon entering the next area, someone purporting to be your "conscious" will chime in and suggest you punch a nearby boulder. Try it out on the boxes to the right, by equipping the hammers with "R," then tapping Mario's jump-button to swing it. Unfreeze the room once more to cause the ice to melt onto the fire, putting it out. You'll land in a secret room--head past the yellow pipe for a box (star candy), then exit via that same pipe. Hit it to turn 1/5 of its lights. Now that you've gained the Snack Basket move, it's time to use it on the statue, Chakron. After doing so, the bird will make itself home inside Mario's overalls--looks like you've got a new pet! But there's is a method to the madness: Luigi also jumps over you, while the Boo doesn't. It's the most dependable method of inflicting 200-300 HP in damage at a time. Thankfully, Toadsworth provides a fantastic tutorial of the game's battle system, so heed his advice. After grabbing the four attack pieces, drop off the right side, grab the item box (coins) on the left), then exit to the right. Total Games TV gives you a walkthrough of the brand new popular Nintendo 3DS game, Mario And Luigi Bowser's Inside Story. If you've somehow forgotten, shoot the red balls with Mario, green with Luigi, and blue ones with both. Upon exiting, head right to find another Liftoglobin--carefully ride it between the electrified walls to the lower-left corner, making sure to grab a trio of item boxes along the way (coins). Light that sucker on fire to inflict continuous damage, then follow-up with some punches. As soon as it's out in the open, use your vacuum attack to inhale the sucker. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (known as Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!! With the sixth piece in tow, make sure to grab the item box (coins) in the top-right corner of the room, before exiting through the tunnel just below. Before heading through, hit the item box on the right (retry clock). Bowser's a formidable opponent, but the battle is pretty straight-forward. If you try attacking with the wrong bro, the orb won't take any damage. Not only does the helmet enable him to perform numerous attacks, but it also restores Fawful's health a massive 300 HP every few turns, making him practically invincible. This multi-orbed boss can be a tough nut to crack at first. How did Bowser not see that coming? Here you'll play a quick game where you need to knock the pollen particles into Bowser's nasal walls. block. From there, head north to the next screen and cross over the bridge to the theater's entrance--don't head inside, instead make a left to the next area where you'll find a "!" GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers. After the battle, the statue will tip you off that the attack you need is in Dimble Wood. Once you've destroyed all five pieces, you'll move onto the Core itself. After exiting the green pipe, work your way to the left side of the room, collecting four item boxes as you go (coins, 1-up deluxe, max nut). Enter the pipe (by tapping down) to be launched into a high block, causing a second pipe to emerge on the other end of the room. Head left for a couple of boxes (supersyrup jar, coins), then follow the path below, hopping over a few more bob-ombs, making a left at the bottom platform to the next screen. Insert the piece (by tapping up) and continue through the revealed doorway. Max SP 12056382 000003e7. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Nintendo DS walkthrough and guide at GameSpy - Check out the latest walkthroughs and guides for Nintendo DS ... Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Walkthrough & Strategy Guide. Hit the block by the entrance into this room for the first one--you can't miss it. SpitIt will spit a small critter at you. Punch the raised bridge to drop it, creating a shortcut to a previous section of the castle. However, periodically, you'll hear a 'chime' sound, indicating Bowser has just eaten a special piece containing a fast-digesting enzyme. This sweet maneuver allows Bowser to not only roll over dangerous terrain, but also up soft-dirt walls! After saving, bust open a box on the right (coins), then continue upward to the next room. Her second form is much larger, granting her several powerful attacks, and is more resistant to damage. Throughout the battle, Peach's Castle will try different tactics, depending on how much health it has remaining--first at 50% damage, then again at 75%. Hey, it's the Dark Star again! Alternatively, for many platforms, simply tapping both buttons at the same time should suffice. Essentially, any time you're not attacking, you can either jump or swing your hammer at will (the exact action is automatically chosen depending on your opponent's attack)--both of which, if timed properly, can be used to avoid or deflect your opponent's attacks. Despite this, Bowser will begin to feel odd after taking a direct attack, thus ending the battle. Bust open the box to reveal a portal--if you want some bonus items, check the box below. Also, make sure you blow into the microphone hard and for several seconds to inflict maximum damage (as indicated by the "Excellent!"). Oh Yeah! Although he'll be kidnapped by some creatures, a second block will appear by Luigi--hit it, revealing an opening Luigi can head through, then proceed west. Watch it closely, as it falls in three distinct columns and you only need to guard against the center ones (the others will miss entirely) by crouching. Use Bowser's new Spike Ball move to roll up the dirt wall and down the other side to the next room. There you'll find another star-shaped block--hit it to light a second segment. Bust the block (rampage shell) on this sandy strip, then climb back onto the raft and punch the walls to the left, down, and right to reach another sandy area. Of course, you still have to stop the wheel at the right time in order to reap the benefits of a high number. If nothing sticks, rotate it a position and try again--you'll get it eventually. Continue left and hit the switch along the far wall, causing a blockage overhead to disappear, allowing a ball to float to the surface. There you'll find the fifth Attack Piece. However, an enemy will attack immediately after.