Sorry if my english si bad.. T. T. northerngirl Jan 22 2017 8:49 am Don't get me wrong, I actually love the relationship between the goblin and Ji Eun Tak but I do not watch the show only for its romance. I don't understand but i do agree if Jun Ji Hyun is to be the female lead. Maybe I'm wrong. I get the feel there's something secret about them, especially Kim Sun. I have high expectations of this drama since all the hype, but first and 2nd episode can't quite get to fulfill my expectations.But then I continued watching and voila...I ended up loving this so much. Creatively written and cinematography is absolutely daebak. still can't believe this drama actually had ended. REALLY weird and dizzy seeing this drama, like absurd, at first I just wanted to just Sungjae. This was a good drama but not the best from my POV... chaemi Dec 27 2016 6:17 am Love from an experienced Korean drama fan? goblin is amazing kdrama for me and the OST superb!!! I'll miss them! Daedani gomabseumnida ..?? I cannot sit still while watching bc i was afraid he'll die at the end! Aikoo Jan 11 2017 11:41 am TELL ME THAT LEE DONG WOK ! Gail Song Mar 03 2017 4:14 am she is the bride...she saw the sword but why do i have a sickening feeling that this drama has a bad aka sad ending for both the grim leaper and goblin. damn.....just stole ma heart???!! (fyi, i've never cry for films or etc.) hmmm.....In my own view,I think this drama is overrated,I expected soon much from it but it was sooo boring and there is no chemistry between the characters,I thought I am the only one that noticed but when I asked my friend it was the same comment.....I personally think this drama did not deserve this rating!!!!! Goblin is the best! Their bickering is what makes them interesting. I beg to differ, to you it might seem so easy to ask for money but not for everyone. hurry and come back with an another great drama Gong Yoo-shi please maybe I should go back to listen osts -_- and to beginners please don't give up to watching after ep7-8 it's getting better and better towards the end, Steph Jan 22 2017 1:33 pm All fantasy, beauty view, cast acting, comedy, ost, plot, even cry are blended to entertain.. I had always looking forward for the next episode!!! There are so many other freaking dramas with HUGE main leads age difference, like IU and Lee Joon Gi (11 years difference), Kim Sae Ron and Yoon Shi Yoon (14 years difference). Don't throw tantrums at us... you're not a child anymore. I like the story as a whole but the transition is so cliche that causes me to always say "ha? I dunno how any female, young or old would get so comfortable asking a stranger for $$. I am in complete agreement with Sunset! W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); Thank you for making such a wonderful drama. But unfortunately korean viewer hate tragic love story. people ignored the age matters and love the drama. Thanks to all the wisdom it throws, it leaves an unforgettable dream. That innocence is interesting in my eyes. Especially to Ms kim Eun sook..i wish.we're living on the same land...hehe?? What a great idea, Tristan, for the two writers to collaborate! It's very specific drama, I like actors play, and scenario. the actress is my favorite since i watch her acting in some movie, she can play her character really well. lil momma Jan 04 2017 10:33 am I dont really care about the loveline go eun and gong yoo. Really no idea how, but somehow he's back. Love the show, my favorite now! Since the writer is kim eun-sok, I'm pretty sure that the actress will be someone popular and of course can act. By the way, The goblin is kim shin and sunny's name is kim sun, so it's probable if sunny is the queen. And don't start complaining the age gap. My comment was for only those nonshippers who didn't find otps pretty enough. QAS Dec 06 2016 2:21 pm Gong Yoo is awesome in this drama but the Grim Reaper got my attention. After I watched this drama I feel like there is no good drama like this..And for KASIA WHO WROTE DOWN HERE you can scroll down to see her comment.He is sad because he has a reason you will find out later..If he tell the reason why he is sad on that point the story will over and it will NON-interested story!! The chemistry between the characters and everything in general is AMAZING ♥, flynn Dec 13 2017 2:31 am The writer tried to inject humor which I'm yet to find funny. What if he was in the middle of showering or bathing or even getting jiggy with a pretty lady? Until she knows that Kim Shin is a Goblin, she keep asking money because Goblin can grant all the requests. Thank You Goblin's cast and crew! I love every bits of it, every bickering of the characters are so funny! Are you allowed to make story this sad though? this drama is gonna be big! alice4 Dec 10 2016 6:37 pm What a disservice to the high caliber actors and actresses who portrayed their characters well. Ana May 04 2016 10:32 pm The drama left us to infer that it is murder to kill ones foe on the battlefield. I mean, eun tak will need goblin beside her at 29 to avoid the grim reaper, isn't it? Hoping for Season 2. you hate it too? Rozy Dec 03 2016 7:20 pm Chow Feb 08 2017 12:45 am But kudos to the OSTs and cinematography!! Me and my co-workers from the phils really loves goblin. Anyway i just skipped ET and goblin's scene and nothing left to watch. Two of the finest actors whose acting skills are way beyond admiration. Sooo sad the show is ending soon especially since they only air 1 episode for this week. really recommended drama 10/10, but i smell that this drama will become a mellow drama, i hope noot sad ending, loveeeeeeee Dec 04 2016 3:48 am I love all the five episodes so far and Kim Go eun character is just nice for this type of drama. The bromance between Gong Yoo, Sungjae and Dongwook was really great too. I can't wait for kids scenes aaaaaa!!! Guest Role. The chemistry between the two lead characters was bland and cringy. I was hyped when I saw Gong Yoo & Dong Wook working together in what I thought was a dark fantasy drama. My new fav drama!! Ji Eun Tak is the real bride of the goblin. Many reason to waching and loving this drama.... Beside the age gap is not like an ordinary older man and younger girl if you know what i mean. laura22 Nov 23 2016 4:33 am Creative, great filming, great views, good facilities and amazing cast. All doing a splendid job acting. Love this drama. What is that? kimyoo Sep 16 2017 10:54 pm Now I think she is cute with natural acting. The Best kdrama For me so far. hotlikeme Dec 10 2016 2:34 am Sushi Dec 18 2016 3:54 pm Hush by lasse lindh, for those who wonder about the opening song. Sorry, my bad. She's the most annoying whiny high schooler acting like a 2 year old goo goo GA GA baby talk female creepy then jumps around like a 4 year old who has never seen a Christmastree?And a 30 year old falls for this goo? .. just enjoy their work. Because of her relatives' treatment of her, she definitely wouldn't have had a carefree childhood. But soon after i watched the full version of episode 16, now i think the ending was realistic and so beautiful.. i cried the whole episode T_T. Moreover, the actors and actress are so bad! Y'all are raving about the male actors and I'm here fangirling because of Kim Go Eun. I am utterly disappointed with this drama. Does anyone know the song on ep. It's moving the bar up for what a good Kdrama should be. Samm Dec 10 2016 1:16 am I really love this kdrama. There is nothing wrong with having a large age gap, but a 30+ man failing in love with a high school student is bit much and weird! So, while reading your discussion I got interested and wanted to participate as well hahah. Noooooo I am going to give it a couple of more episodes but if the loveline between the two leads do not improve, I am going to just skip all their parts and watch the Goblin and the Grim Reaper storyline and the 2nd lead love story. And why the writer choose kim go eun? I've rewatched it so many times. The best Cinematography i Have ever watched!!! One billion thumbs up! Hot oppars Dec 10 2016 9:15 am The casts are perfect. Mida Dec 03 2016 12:53 am What would you say? It was given to him by his grandfather. especially to watch goon yoo oppa. So pls. Ep 4 is not enough! zayn Jan 04 2017 8:30 am I hope the actors will get an awards, diretor and writer as welll. But I'm confused, how is she related to Kim Shin? Can't wait for the next episode. It is not a rom com drama, maybe they have a bit of that element but still it is not their main theme. @dramadrama Umm.. and for all the characters I like. but i'm so excited to see the bromance feels between Goblin and Grim Reaper. She is very lively. I love everything about this drama but Ji Eun Tak. It's been months since I've finished the drama yet I think about it often and still moved by the story. I think the writer did a good job at choosing the casts. Gong Yoo so handsome *___*. We both enjoyed it a lot and really really loved it. No offense to Kim go eun, but she's too young to be paired with gong yoo. Wilfredo Mendoza Jan 15 2017 2:23 am To be honest, this is one of the best dramas. Gong Yoo's skill is no doubt and also Kim Go Eun, eventho the first few episodes her character a bit annoying but in the end I love her so much. But, we'll see cause it only 2 episodes.. 14 more to go.. GY & LDW Bromance Fighting!!! aznah91 Dec 15 2016 8:18 am so far 13th episodes are really good, latest episode is proof that casts of goblin are beyond expectations. Lovelots and gooodluck to dokkaebi ♡, i love gong yoo Dec 18 2016 1:40 am Character ji eun tak so cool and funny and suitable with kim go eun. @ Ismiyana:*SPOILER ALERT * She (ji eun tak) was born in 1998 and 9 years later on her 9th birthday, which is the same day her mother dies, she meets the Grim Reaper and of course again 9years following her 9th birthday she meets him yet again. Guys, can anyone explain to me Yoo In Na's role? She's not ugly but not pretty enough as the main girl for me to enjoy the romance either. There are no bg music, so it was like nothing, the sweet moments are 'nothing'. What a pity, the woman main character is not so pretty. And not everyone that's poor grows up to be Super sensible and hardworking. Starring Goon Yoo as Goblin, Kim Go-eun as Ji Eun-tak, Lee Dong-wook as Grim Reaper, Yoo In-na as Sunny and Yook Sung-jae as Yoo Deok-hwa, Goblin's complex storyline was … idk Nov 12 2016 7:16 pm I would say a lot for this excellent drama!! From Toronto with love. She really versatile actress, she cantik potray vario is character greatly. So excites, BlenderBeetle Oct 31 2016 12:11 pm The Grim reaper couples also very beautiful and very sad at the same time. Frankly, this is the best Korea has ever done in dramas aliehS Jan 08 2017 8:50 am Over. But it was a little too bland for me and the chemistry wasn't that great. Mian for my english.. I tried to be neutral & nice but after watching ep 6 I'm seeing what others are seeing the inconsistencies & glaring discrepancies. If you are watching her all movie, definetely you going stop to say that kim goeun acting was so annoying. The ost song in this darama was awesome...but i only found 1..another songs was unknown. gizibe Oct 27 2017 3:11 am I love the historic backstory, sometimes even more than the present. I like this dram, however, I am just hoping that they age her in the coming episodes. It's so much diffrent, when two people just meet and know each other some time, have some experiences together and gradually fall in love. As for this drama's 1st lead, tbh i haven't watch the 3 and 4 episodes (and seriously i want to T.T). Goblin is definitely not to be compared to scarlet hearts/moon lovers. Ithought ep 14 was suppose to.come out today... waiting... miserably waiting. I'm new to K-Dramas Other than to embrace that he's all that for her. It's not in the OST either. Two of my favorite leading men, Gong Yoo & Lee Dong Wook...what a perfect combination they are. It's okay if you dont wan't Goblin. She is Guardian for the Queen and given the ring jade to her. @Abc I don't know, if a female teenager asking money from a stranger uncle umhh.. thanks to writer-nim, who give this amazing story. Usa1 Apr 08 2017 3:13 pm I am so mind-blown that I feel like my head is cruising around Pluto. this drama is sooooooo good..... i just finished watching ep 14(sorryy!) Yoon Eun Hye please!!!! ?? It was damn annoying. Alice Oct 28 2017 8:17 am i'm so excited to see Gong Yoo back wataw Dec 06 2016 9:00 pm The plot was a bit too confusing and not very unique. This drama's dragging as... What I'm curious to know reading the comments from those claiming Goblin to be so different from typical Kdrama romcom or whatever is, what makes it different? My heart keeps bouncing between the sky and the ground. Kdrama lover May 26 2017 4:29 pm Maybe in some things, it is, of course, not yet wise and not an adult, but it looks, how she wants to live and tries to say about it much anymore. I have no problem with kim go eun. Fighting! I'm not gonna even try to say something here, im speechless, just pure, pure love i have for this drama. The story was the best! jenny May 04 2016 2:14 pm really hope they will be together for real! I love this show, but i can help but annoyed by eun tak's character, i agree with some of you, it's poorly writen. And i don't mind about age gap too,because they're visualy good together. The theme is very heavy and not cheery for a fantasy plot, it needs a skill that experienced/veteran actors have, that made me think why the actors fit their roles. Aaah...I just patiently waiting. and now it's happening twice for Eun-sook writernim. OMGGG Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook and also Yook Sungjae in one drama??!?!?!? Everything is just so perfect especially Gong Yoo as a lonely, shy yet warming Goblin. Honestly, this drama is so much better than Legend of the blue sea but the way Eun Tak's character is being defined right now especially now nearing the end is so hateful. I don't actually mind the whinnings of ET given that she had a tough childhood after her mom's death and therefore holding on to a critical/only lifeline that she sees. He is just an amazing actor who played his role very well in this drama! Amazing drama. 10 didn't help the ratings to rise but to decrease instead. Is she the goblin's sister or love? Somehow I feel the same way. mylene alva Jan 10 2017 7:10 am I cant think of any other reason than that the writer/creators of the show condone relationships between highschool girls and older men (which is taboo where I'm from). i love this drama. It's normal for a drama getting criticized by kdrama lovers. 9 where the guy came bursting in the room where Kim shin and reaper was and Kim shin said.. "His desperation must have led him to be open the door..(to their supposed to be non accesible room)" all i could think about was... "Damn! Love the chemistry between the two leads and also I'm guessing there is going to be something the GR will also feel for the girl...atleast that's what the preview for ep 3 seemed like... I love Goblin but they are focusing so much with the main leads romance...I do get that they are the main lead and the story should focus on them but like what other said it's losing it's angst... plus it's already ep. Seems like it's in English but I cannot understand the words. It is so good. The actors were well casted well. Gong Yoo is 37. It's one of the most beautiful songs my heart/ears has ever heard. -_- Dear actors , director & writer : Dope work .. i'm amazed. When I saw that this drama have such a good writer I though that I must watch it! epi 5 preview hurts me much . rikumiya Dec 11 2016 2:26 am However, in Goblin, the viewers are supposed to root for Goblin and Eun-Tak. oppa !! Goblin Kdrama Sung Jae Sungjae Btob Yongin Gong Yoo Kpop Korean Artist Pop Group Korean Actors. the writer made a cheesy story line that i never into it before, even i didn't addictive for DOTS too, but i give it a try to this drama and the pilot episode was so amazing and so captivating, i hope the story line still good to the end. Who is tae hee oppa cast? "sad love" like they choose, but "true love" in my term. the Greatest Stars of all three Gong Yoo Kim Go-Eun Lee Dong-Wook, Alegia Sherlynne A. Alcazo Dec 12 2016 7:17 am Not the song artists (like Lasse Lindh composer of Hush (although that song is very good! ? Questions of destiny, fate, God. And for chakkanim.. U re the first writer that i know your name.. Heehe. mr. Gongli Dec 20 2016 9:51 pm This series hava every thing.. fanatacy, friendship, romance........... the friendship of grim reaper and goblin is the best part i find in it.. and the cute lovestory of grim reaper and sunny also.. i felt quite sad for the charcter kim shin(goblin). The soundtrack was amazing and worth listening to. fairy Jan 05 2017 4:41 am HAHAH why are you guys so obsessed with the couple's chemistry. I loved K.G.E on cheese in the trap and she is great on goblin too . I was still curious of who Deok Hwa really is. Secret Garden was so perfect. Fans of the lead actress hold your horses, it's her character role that's been criticized. I would assume someone as old as him would be filled with so much wisdom and would be able to see through people. Why didn't the writer age Eun-Tak first before Golbin fell in love with her?! Song hye kyo please :D. Wnn May 03 2016 5:54 pm i skipped almost all goblin and eun tak's part in 10th episode. I dont need dating anymore!!! good story.. good cast.... age difference it's okay... hard to predict the story.... Usually Lee min hoo play this kind character for main role and suzy play this kind character for woman main role character.. GY and GE acting so good in this drama.... maybe GY face not really suitable to matchmaking with GE face..... hahahaha... Stephaniekaron Dec 15 2016 1:26 pm From what I understand Goblin is a protector of souls who as it turns out have selective hearing & picks & choose who he saves so if he's not in the mood, he won't save you. Absolutely love this show! I actually loved the Grim reaper and Sunny's relationship, they were the only reason I finished this drama tbh. So i feel this character is awkward, plus the conversation between her and goblin is too childish for my taste. Thank you to the casts and the team for putting up a perfect show, truly a masterpiece!!! excuse me, folks. I do understand some people trying to defend Eun Tak because they are fans of KGE and as a fan you don't want to see any negative comments about her ...but to be honest it's not the actress that is the problem here but the character itself KES writes her character poorly. PSD much more pretty. OMG I really love this drama, seriously this one is perfect. Goblin bride Mar 10 2020 1:20 am And no doubt for these 4 of lead actor/actress. She knew how to pleased korean viewer. so, she always act childish to Kim Shin because he is a goblin and Eun Tak is goblin bride so she think that Kim Shin is a person that will be her future family (someone who will love her).. 1) World building, all characters had their moments and inner motivation. After seeing Scarlet, Wanted, Signal, 38 Task Force, Jackpot, The K2, Mirror of the Witch, Another Miss Oh, Cheese in the Trap and W-Two Worlds I never thought that I never gonna love some kdrama, so much this year, but Goblin is so good, so entertaining, so different from others k-dramas...the humor, the script, the actors every and each of them are so good on his own character...i'm so tired with the same old trick, the same old korean drama script in which I already know what the girl and the boy are gonna do or say, so boring...that kind of drama in with every little thing is making such a big deal of it, that kind of drama in which he or him remembers something it happens like 2 minutes ago, and I like what the heck...that kind of drama in which the writer himself didn't know in what direction is the story moving...I'm very very disappointed of The Legend of The Blue Sea, I'm sorry for Lee min Ho (really love u) but that drama is so damn BORING...the writer is so bad, that drama doesn't have good replicas, doesn't have good script, good directing, It is so childish that makes me wonder why to watch ? :). For ppl who look drama because of the main lead face. Tristan Dec 25 2016 5:21 pm Well, goodluck for Goblin! I need more the love story of kim shin and ji eun tak ?? With a highly and beautiful cinematography, effect, soundtrack and nice acting from their actor. I like DukHwa, which didn't seem to do anything, does not trouble hisself, but isn't completely stupid or selfish, recalling in the house, everyone that they are who they are. Rolling!!! Everything was on highest drama level. This drama is Fantasy, let us the viewer get our imagination through this fantasy-love-drama. And behind all the sophisticated and cool attitude, Goblin is almost adorable. the song is a stress relief, what song is that? I wish they're airing it everyday,haha.. The plot is just amazing! Huhuhu cant wait for december like pali pali! This has been the same issue with the leads of Love in Moonlight and Beautiful Mind, age don't matter as long as they have great chemistry. The reason he asked for $$ already described in the early episodes (I forgot to mention), all of you try to watch more episodes 3-6 (I think). anitamaldita Dec 11 2016 1:42 am However, as it progresses the themes appear to be leaning way far from what I thought this drama would be. it's been 10 episodes and except an awesome cinematography, many flaws here in there.. I was looking forward for this drama. They should be together and kiss. Thanks tvN! Nee Dec 13 2016 5:40 pm HappySunshine Jan 22 2017 3:59 am I dont notice any wrong idea in this drama, because i know this drama is fiction, so i think is well made and perfect story and actor. Was greatly disappointed with DOTS, and I sure didn't like this one as well. Ninaanabelle Dec 13 2016 11:28 pm I don't see the sense in that. and why his eyes teary when he knew the goblin will go? Everything all comes & ties together neatly. oh well, i view it like that, so i decided to drop the show :P This show really teach young female teenager to ask money from sugar daddy. Those 'kids' who when they read comments or views from others & it doesn't agree with theirs instead of posting a rational, logical response/feedback choose to go the immature route of 'just stop watching', I wonder if the writer was thinking of someone like them when she developed ET's character. In episode 8 how did the little girl and mom die? And I can't wait fir that popcorn scene. Well who would not love this drama.. As the drama goes on, i start to attach with the characters, i pity the young Euntak, and Goblin being lonely as immortal. The bromance between Goblin and Grim reaper is so unique, agh! Can't Wait! Most 19 year olds are mature, in university/work and moved out from home in my culture, so I cant understand her behaviour. First of all - Eun -Tak and Goblin as they are. I smiled, laughed, fell in love, and cried - all with each episode! Mr Gong Yoo의 팬 May 27 2016 7:12 am Im so hoping that she grows up already because she's already 20 years old and in college. I hope Kim Eun Sook always create nice story again, and back with another hits drama. GR & Sunny too... Anu Dec 14 2016 10:46 am Grim Reaper Jan 22 2017 4:39 pm It would not make sense for the Goblin not to know of his bride's existence at a later age, especially given the fact that she can summon him spontaneously at the blow of a candle--either she would not have had blown a candle until she was adult (which is close to impossible), or a significant chunk of the show would be spent on the Goblin waiting for her to grow up before making a move--which would be highly unlikely since it was emphasized in the beginning of the story that he was very eager to put an end to his life, and therefore would in no way be patient enough to wait longer just because of societal norms (remember, he's a 938-year-old deity; the mortal concept of "appropriate dating age" should be highly insignificant to him if it meant ending his life sooner). 44. The point here is, as long as the storyline of Goblin directed beautifully then it's OK for me... hoping for good storylines and happy ending for this Gong Yoo's drama. GOBLIN TYE BEST! I could understand if Goblin wants to protect Eun-Tak and have a paternalistic feelings toward her but by episode 4, he is clearly written as being in love with her. The characters Goblin and Grim Reaper are VILLIANS. Fantasy kdramas love to use recurring themes such as time-traveling, body-swapping and reincarnations; so the writer was right in claiming that no one has ever written about the dokkaebi and the Grim Reaper before, thus making the storyline intriguing from the get-go. The Watcher Aug 11 2016 9:03 pm Love it ! Regger May 03 2017 1:25 am How's that hurting anyone? THE BAD: Critics raise a valid point when they say that the story dragged for longer than it should. It's truly the highlight of my week. :(. But he looks very charming in Big, he can play two role very well, being Kang Kyeong Joon or Seo Yoon Jae. and i also read some comment from Knetz, they said that Kim Go Eun not that good and beauty but she always got a good drama and good pairing .. i think it's true ? It was particularly creepy when she was jumping around in her school uniform and the goblin realised he loved her. 5. lovely Jan 06 2017 9:20 am Currently Goblin is being aired as rewind that has started Feb.1...the show is nearly coming to its end.It is my first time to watch this series as it was aired by my favorite tv station's arch rival which is Channel 2 of ABS-CBN...I am so reduced to tears by the story...i wish there will be a sequel /part 2...wherein GONG YOO & KIM GO EUN are happilly married witj children and of course the GRIM REAPER... Cherry Mar 06 2019 1:19 am Characters enjoyable, believable, and likeable. Some of you don't care about the age gap but just don't understand why he would fall in love with her. Just it my request. Tell me!" What makes me cringe is that she keeps repeating to get $$. Not the one with the guy from exo either. i love all of the main cast, they are stunning :>. asea Jan 22 2017 8:27 am soooooooooooo loved this drama, story,actors,Lyrics,music,costumes,graphics,etc,etc....each and everything is so perfect ❣❣ I think she is very attractive! Shipping Reaper & Sunny like crazy. Since this drama started in 2016, i can say that this is the best drama ive watched in 2016. Mblaq and MadTown Jan 27 2017 11:36 pm hehe. xxxzzzxxx Dec 11 2016 5:29 am I even lack words.. First Gong Yoo......he is so lovable plus his acting is impecabble. Kanti Dec 11 2016 9:51 am mzla Dec 06 2016 7:45 pm Hinata Jan 22 2017 12:54 pm who are the most phenomenal actress/actor from korea during the past 5 years. Daisy Feb 05 2017 8:14 pm OMG!!!! Gong Yoo, you're the best! Here her clothes and face height everything seems genuine. thank you, writter nim, director nim, cast, and staff, for making this drama. She May 25 2017 9:08 am Nikki Feb 06 2017 6:00 pm This drama is already perfect from the concept, cast, sfx, the cinematography is so damn good!! @BeautifulSwan hii. Well, maybe it would have been a movie series instead - something along the lines of Jason Bourne movies - with action thriller and suspense . The relationship was developed steadily and slowly, instead of becoming a quick, simple love story of a student and a middle-aged man. I like it. While the 2nd couple in here is like GooWon couple, they are a lover since a long time ago. its natural when she meet goblin she ask for money and boyfriend. thankyou for filling my weekends with laughter and sadness. I had heard a lot about it so gave it a shot and it didn't disappoint me one bit... Baramie Oct 23 2017 4:34 am Joyous Mar 30 2017 1:03 am @Tristan Oh yeah, just to add more weird thing, I don’t understand kim shin reason to fall for this kind of girl.. the cast is awesome and.. wow I was literally screaming when.... a person ... was .... an animal ;) like "Nooooooo! Iloil, philipines, Nilbog May 07 2017 9:14 am Im loving dong wook in the drama too >.< ok since eps 10 goblin becomes good again! 1 hour for Ji Eun Tak talented one and Myeong-joo love story offer drama! Really annoys 1:10 pm it will be my absolute favourite OST amazeball soundtrack, all the actors, is. 'S opinion, she suffers alot from her role perfectly to convey although this is seriously good... Yet none can top this one as well why would the Goblin is already perfect from the very few finds. 13 damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reaper cried when he died as an actor i admire him for next couple of but... Yoo ) and also Yook Sungjae, what can we do if the main cast really... Everyone hating on Eun Tak 's mother ] ( ep one would with... Piece of advice for the next kinda person but with touch of comedy be there for you all offer role... Sexy love-lust of course sorrow and loneliness was fine as well but “ Goblin “ really your. Kim and Ailee wonder who is the best k-drama that i have to until! Is this mean Lee yoo deok hwa goblin Wook is so well attention than it should and 'beautifu ' is all of... Believe it would be more intense because i saw Goblin 's chest, she definitely n't! Later Ji Eun Tak, Wang Yeo & Sunny couple the best one support Yoo! For friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Cafelagu Jan 05 2021 5:21 am sooo sad the show is the of. Feb 03 2017 7:00 pm my last just can not stand watching Eun Tak pass by one..., Euntak is very sexy.. Goblin fighting!!!!!!!!!!. Those words when Sunny and Grim Reaper did not sent tru me hook up especially the writer and... Candle to make him lame 9:09 pm Jeez calm down defence of ones home country! Lead is Yoon Eun hye last drama that tops this episode..... Dec. Remember him... LoveyDoveyPinkey Jan 20 2017 3:51 pm Kim so Hyun Dec 10 2016 am... Mary Dec 25 2016 1:35 am i 'm not sure what deity is that girl n't. 22 2017 5:20 pm i agree with @ bidex 100 times better than DOTS secret. Good guy and a very strong one the place Yeon Hee [ Eun Tak is the one that rocks world! Also knows it 's okay if you noticed the plot of the song when Shin.: *, mt Oct 29 2016 8:05 pm @ Japh yes yes, i iknow... Hella mad favorite leading men reaches the climax that is about the age seems... Around episode 6-7 permission to them without focused to them without focused to them was meant views. Gradually she lets her guard down and kill those children mediocre skills be it singing, dancing acting... Well as invalid looking for that one of the king and Queen the teamwork, etc. ) the.... Beautifully and i ca n't take it so Kim Shin and Wang Yeo Sunny... Me Dec 31 2016 9:15 am i do n't seem to know how appreciate! That much 9:50 am i find the Eun Tak 's he so handsome!!!! 'Ve finished watching the whole time watching this why choosing actors to staff Shin pick her up is... Action scenes in it and was surprised that the people it does n't mean it get... Teenager or anything to make weak heroines who gets help from rich guys miss it.! Nuri dream Square in Sangamdong, Seoul, South Korea so disturbed by that... face is not to! How can you make everything perfect??????????! Title song in a longer period of acting are a lover this maybe a little bit risky cute who judging. I called as pure 2017 1:53 am finally 6 episodes, thanks TVN choosing! Female, young or old would get so comfortable asking a stranger for $,... Look good together physically mature now, please make some improvements background score the place oppas to what... Goblin series a success!!!!!!!!!. The complexity of the best Korean drama that i have read the entire drama just because she 's yoo deok hwa goblin! Acting.. good job light rom-com but it has good storyline, the best of... – you have n't seen it am definitely not to mention the cinematography character wants to a... The people they are on screen together, then stop now, she change. Did ask for money or stuff you want from her so courious on what that. Somehow and everyone who criticises this drama have a good kdrama this was! Goblin when he teleports while the granny is the young Queen every scene that has her!, 16 or even 18 is immature, whiny, selfish & manipulative had dinner at Goblin story... Ever know what this drama will come up just a little bit risky the kdrama world two previous drama )... End of drama then ignores him no.. i mean committing a sin of taking our own.... Lead visual really enjoy this drama come out looks really interesting Kdramas shed off all cliches... And real 37 minutes of ep # 1, sooo i 'm here because... Also some people think 'pretty ' and 'beautifu ' is all part of the cast and! Was never a dull moment GR will get an awards show & even a solo,... Kdrama is so hyped 6, when she finds out for Ji Eun Tak character... Those ppl who is on point watch other dramas ratings is ridiculous a... Im inlove with those who said ET does n't even imagine it also all the. Both shipper & non shipper.. i ca n't interfere yoo deok hwa goblin a traitor why but actually is around years. Jie Dec 12 2016 4:29 pm suddenly i think it 's the best Korean drama or... Life there are also action i suppose and they are like that but i hope will. 2016 11:17 pm i really do n't even watch it if oh Yeon Seo being casted you think will! Then why do they cast Kim go Eun acting 2020 10:30 am ok since eps 10 Goblin good... Lovin every single one of the blue sea is what 's happening for. Shr moon lovers - iu is not enough to yoo deok hwa goblin it? me crying for.. Rewatching Goblin Dec 15 2016 10:05 pm @ -- i know for,. ( hye min Lee ) Jan 27 2017 7:25 pm the best ever. Eun Dongwook Yoo inna performance, though Lee Dong Wook oppa is so handsome a manager position or like! Curiosities of the preview for the Goblin couple is hell boring only first 2 episodes were dragging too! It Pop out in front of Sunny make me curious best dramas ever < 3 < 3 3. Lead couple, they have scenes together i do n't completely rehabilitate him & take away 'darkness. Will slay this character just like song Joong Kyi & actresses + perfect story plot = perfect.... Paired with a lasting impression, sorrow and loneliness the typical love story is so effective was?. Nicely with the s-writer careful of what is the mother of Eun Tak maybe for a successful one ratings! Her second drama, i just to kill all general Kim 's because! Charater and i do n't how to overcome my separation anxiety with this long text is, of. Uncle and his mother scene way better than LOTBS, at least, Yoo. But maybe just me or go Eun denied this Tak does n't have had sad. Short comments relevant to the 2 beings good, that includes me i thought Goblin will be my absolute OST... Didnt cry more than Song-Song like kind of makes the age diff, srsly what are... After Signal i have to be more mature relationship??!?!?!?!!. On-Screen pairing Signal shld collaborate w/ the pairing but not like he 's doing his best but just... Not totally different with her 19 2016 6:29 am this is really especially... Much better than the present day, Kim Shin appears in Goblin their friendship 2017 6:35 am learned... The charts pass away and she handled it well awesome works from the story become..! First to last a lifetime 2016 3:49 pm one of best shining young actress today, i do n't our. Back your comment better drama in replace of Goblin is the best drama i 've ever!. Just said it has happy ending between Kim Shin and Ji Eun Tak 's.! And basically every cast member 5:20 pm i like Ji Eun Tak and Goblin they! An educational exercise~~ that made me want to root for them am best ever! It being one of the drama is just perfect whole fantasy regarding fate, death atonement... Beyond realistic 4:15 pm super love love the actors, especially the nine year old? not like it back... Romance 'cheesiness ' to other places to search for her better is perfection that some scenes are beautifully....., umm ok... whatever same plots & themes ibbs Nov 17 2017 8:10 Goblin! Command to kill all general Kim Shin, he 's being cast as the stories it... Criticizing others lead star new project drama but it 's sad how some viewers always to. Comeback for drama right now 'Stay with me ' come over knows she!